Community Programs

The EV is always seeking new Bay Area community organizations to provide programs for. We work with youth groups and other community serving organizations to bring environmental education to children outside of school. Our programs can be offered at our EcoCenter in Palo Alto, or we can bring our programs to you!

What can we do? The programs we offer are described below. Read more to discover what we can engage your participants with!

  • Each individual activity is 20-30 minutes, and a full program is typically 1 hr 30 min. Nature walks are 2 hours.
  • Our programs can serve up to 24 participants. If you expect more than 24 participants, we can discuss alternatives to our standard programs.
  • Our programs are intended for ages 6-11. Select activities are adaptable for older age groups.
  • Each program has a fee of $100. Price is negotiable for organizations with constrained budgets, especially those working with underserved communities.

If you are interested in booking a program with us, or have questions, please contact


Program Options

Sustainable Art

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make sustainable art? Well now you can. Learn how to make sustainable paint and sustainable art sculptures with upcycled items. Using sustainable materials and upcycled items reduces plastic pollution in our environment. We look forward to creating art together and exploring new ways to use common household items.


Activities: Sustainable Sculptures, Nature Painting, Painting about Environmental Issues

Fire Ecology

Have you ever wondered about how fire affects California’s plants and animals? Join us for some fun and learn something new about Fire Ecology! Learn about fire ecology through different activities and games. Pinecones, tree cookies, and many different types of animals can all help us understand wildfires and how they affect forests.


Activities: Seronity, How Trees Survive Fire, Wildlife Responses to Fire

All About Bats

Are you curious about bats? Join the Environmental Volunteers in our Community Program, All About Bats to learn about different types of bats, how they hunt, and what they eat! We will be doing several activities and will even explore real bats! We explore some of the myths and mysteries of our local California bats.


Activities: Morphology, Echolocation, Diet & Hunting

All the little things

Learn about the importance of all the little things in our ecosystem in this fun, interactive program. Bugs and worms are food for other animals as well as they clean up waste and return nutrients to the soil. Pollinators and healthy soils help us grow the food we eat. All the little things are key parts of our food chain that make our ecosystems livable for all of us.


Activites: Healthy soils, Pollinators, Food webs

Nature Walks

Our nature walks program is designed to help participants get to know local open space areas. Small groups will be guided by a knowledgeable environmental educator during an exploration of a local open space. Groups will be introduced to fun nature-based activities, and a chance to learn more about the plants and animals all around us. Schedule a private nature walk for your group at either Baylands Nature Preserve or Foothills Nature Preserve. Transportation is not provided and each group must have an accompanying adult chaperone from your organization.

Interested in Volunteering?

Interested in engaging in the above activities as a volunteer?

Please visit our volunteering page here!