Nature Notes

Welcome to Nature Notes. Here you will find stories and updates from Environmental Volunteers programs and see natural science education in action. Stay tuned as we add more content!

Volunteer Spotlight: Agnes Shiu Wong

“Follow your heart. There are still so many people who don’t care, or don’t care enough, about climate change. Some of my retiree friends say,” ‘Why worry, we... Read More

EV staff field trip to Los Trancos

We offer an Earthquake Field Trip to Los Trancos to our school and homeschool groups so they can learn more about Earthquakes on location. Teachers, learn more about this program... Read More

Environmental Actions

by: Natalie Ambrosio They come in all shapes and sizes, but the important thing is that they keep coming in whatever form feasible. Here at the EV we watch what... Read More

Ways to Get Involved

Volunteer At Environmental Volunteers, we connect passionate people with opportunities to share their love of science and nature with others. You don’t need experience to join the team; our training... Read More

Why Does Wildlife Matter?

by: Allison Cheng “Each species is a masterpiece, a creation assembled with extreme care and genius.” E.O. Wilson Western Fence Lizard, Yosemite National Park Did you know that tiny... Read More

Why do wetlands matter?

by Allison Cheng Charleston Slough, Mountain View Why Do Wetlands Matter?  Today’s public opinions on wetlands are as diverse as the plant and animal species they shelter. Opponents of wetlands... Read More