Volunteering and So Much More

Photo by Molly Landrith

One of the joys of being the Volunteer Coordinator at the EV is that I get the privilege of watching volunteers not only learn how to teach kids about the environment, but also make strong friendships along the way. 

Individuals come to me looking for a way to inspire a love of science and nature to the next generation. They find that here, but so much more. 

I’ve seen how a common passion can build bridges across nationality, first language, age, ethnicity, and life-stage. Our volunteers get together to enjoy each other outside of volunteer time and become a family. I love to hear of hikes being organized and picnics spontaneously  happening; especially for those that recently moved to the area and are looking for a community to call their own. 

Photo by John Seyfarth

They don’t know each other when they come through the doors on the first day of training but after connecting over their shared love of nature, learning new skills, and laughing along the way, I witness friendships blooming. By the end of training, there is a sense of belonging and purpose when these newly trained volunteers put their badge of honor, their wooden name tag, on for the first time. The veteran volunteers clap with joy, welcoming their new friends into the EV family! 

Photo by Alison Takata

Come join us! We would love to welcome you in.  

With joy,