Our Impact

What a year it was! We are truly amazed and inspired by all of our students, teachers, parents, staff and especially our volunteers for making it through a really tough school year. We are especially grateful to all of you for your help in rounding out the support we needed to make our 49th year happen. Drum roll please….

EV 2022 school year impact numbers:

Number of school programs:  231

Number of classroom programs:  110

Number of field trip programs:  54

Number of Virtual programs: 67

Schools served:  39

Students served:  3085

Education for Depth:  31 programs (13.4% of total) – 26 classroom, 5 field trips

MVWSD programs: 22 programs (9.5% of total) – 15 classroom, 5 field trips

Ravenswood programs: 21 programs (9.5% of total) – 15 classroom, 6 field trips

% of our programs delivered to Title 1 eligible schools: 51.5%

Number of hours of service given: 900.5 hours

Sprout Up:

12,456 Student Nature Experiences from online and 92 classrooms across 7 chapters!  

Homeschool Programs:

40 homeschool children from 16 different cities attended 10 Homeschool field trip programs.  With parents and other attendees we served 67 homeschool kids through the program this year.

Field Trip Transportation Program (2021-2022):

51 field trips supported

76 buses paid for

2,652 students served

43 school served

Impact: Since its inception in 2012, the Field Trip Transportation Fund has:

Sponsored 1,016 field trips

Paid for 1,467 buses

Facilitated the participation on field trips of 63,246 students!

Thank you all again for making this possible.

– Team Environmental Volunteers and Sprout Up