Fall BioBlitz

In October, EV  hosted our Fall BioBlitz public program sponsored by the City of Palo Alto. For the last couple of years EV hosts multiple bioblitz events to raise awareness, promote community engagement, and collect biological data in the Baylands. Next summer the City of Palo Alto will break ground on one of the bay’s first horizontal levees adjacent to the Wastewater Treatment Facility. 

 This levee will protect the surrounding community from a sea level rise of three feet and provide a more natural levee system than previous designs. The new levee will mimic the natural integration seen in the marsh habitat with connected transitional zones to the upland habitat. BioBlitz’ing the surrounding habitat over the last few years created a baseline of species inventory data. This can be used in conjunction with design to restore habitat to this baseline.

Participants were treated to a nice glimpse of at the solar eclipse before we started our day. Thank you to our partners at the BioBlitz.club for bringing protective eyewear for safe eclipse viewing. Before our groups set off to Blitz a red-shouldered hawk kindly perched on the EcoCenter for all to photograph. Highlights of fall species include lots of orbweaver spiders, caterpillars, lots of fall migratory waterbirds, and a jack rabbit skeleton. Perfect for October’s spooky season. Fall is a wonderful time to BioBlitz because it is a time of high biodiversity in the Palo Alto Baylands.

Additionally, the Environmental Volunteer had an event for the Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education the following day. Fifteen educators had the opportunity to engage with and experience the Fall Bioblitz. It was a great teaching tool and a fun activity for all who participated.