EV staff field trip to Los Trancos

March 1, 2023

We offer an Earthquake Field Trip to Los Trancos to our school and homeschool groups so they can learn more about Earthquakes on location. Teachers, learn more about this program here! Our staff took a field trip to Los Trancos to train to support this program! Keep reading to learn about what our staff member Molly Curtis has to say about it! Molly is our Education Programs Coordinator.

“Maybe a few students will walk away in awe, as I did at our training, by seeing how incremental movements over millions of years, coupled with larger seismic shakes, formed the playground we like to hike in today.”

Molly Curtis, Education Programs Coordinator

“We arrived at the Monte Bello parking lot, most of us bundled in layers, eager to begin our training on the Earthquake Field Trip. It was a cloudless day that offered clear views of San Francisco to the North and Mount Umunhum to the South; perfect for seeing how earthquakes in this area have shaped our land. We had a clean view of a linear valley (which was absolutely gorgeous), discovered a sag pond full of water, and made note of the pressure ridges growing around the fault line. The knowledge changed the way I see the land, and I will not be able to hike now without noticing pressure ridges.

One of the reasons I wanted to work for EV is that we make science fun, relatable and link it to the world we live in. Unique opportunities, like this field trip, help students merge their classroom knowledge with real-life experience. When I was in fourth grade, we learned about earthquakes solely through reading a science textbook. Let’s just say the textbooks didn’t sell me on how cool pressure ridges are. So, I find it appealing to be able to get students outdoors and make the connections between the book knowledge and land in front of them.