EV Special Project Days

EV Special Project Days

Volunteer Photo by Christine Zack
Scissors? Check.

Glue gun? Check.

Laminator? Check.

Chocolates? Check.

It’s Special Project Day – Morning at the EcoCenter! Volunteers get to clean, fix-up, re-stock, repair and/or replace items in the school service kits.

Usually a school-service volunteer I’ve come to enjoy Special Project Days for EV as well. I began volunteering for Special Project Days during the summer several years ago, when school services had mostly ended for the year. As a newer volunteer it was an invaluable way for me to help become more familiar with the school kits and guides.

Photo by Diane McCoy
At Special Project Day you get to enjoy being at the EcoCenter and it’s beautiful bay surroundings. Though we have tasks to keep us busy, it’s low-key so you can get up and stretch and enjoy a little break on the deck; even with a cup of tea or coffee! Christine is always well organized and prepared for the tasks we will be working on that morning. She is super patient, supportive, great at problem solving and always helpful with questions and instructions. She explains things thoroughly and is so cheerful and friendly it always makes for a pleasant time.

It’s also a way that I get to know more EVs, especially people who volunteer many hours for EV but I don’t see at school services, including teens, EV docents and again experience that wonderful feeling of getting to know new people and deepen that sense of community at EV. I highly recommend trying a Project Day; another fun, fulfilling way to volunteer!

By Diane McCoy – all star EV!

-This weekend we were happy to restart special projects day with social distancing, PPE, and safety protocols in place.

Diane in the classroom testing out education materials she helped make at Special Project days for our upcoming Bird traits subject area. Photo by Christine Zack