A Rising Young Environmental Professional

June 6, 2023

My name is Jose, and I attend Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in San Jose as a sophomore. My favorite subject is science because I enjoy learning about the world around me. Right now, my goal is to enroll in college so that I can pursue the degree I’m interested in and I get the opportunity to explore my interests thanks to the Corporate Work Study Program.

More about my school and CWSP

Cristo Rey San José provides students from underrepresented communities with college prep education. Cristo Rey also has a program called Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) in which students work in over 90 Silicon Valley companies. The program fees paid by these companies allow the CWSP and Cristo Rey San José to serve families who would not normally be able to afford a private high school education. I am the EV’s third intern from the Cristo Rey Jesuit High School! This has been an amazing work experience. I feel like I have gained so many skills. Not only this but stepping out of my comfort circle and meeting new people/working with them.

What I do at Environmental Volunteers

As an intern for the education & volunteer department I create social media posts, flyers, and education graphics. I assist with research and design for environmental education table top activities, volunteer enrichment support, marketing for volunteer recruitment and community events. Some other things I work on is organizing kits and inventory, gaining experience with inventory apps like Sortly and creating QR codes. Right now I just finished the new teacher and parents sources website on Canva that is now published! Throughout the year, I got way more comfortable, and I enjoy the many projects I work on.

What I learned

The technology skills I learned at Environmental Volunteers are some things I can use in my future educational and professional tasks, such as building websites and social media posts. Another skill I’ve learned that I can use in the future is how to be more independent and become a better problem solver. This is an important skill to have in life in order to overcome the many challenges that lie ahead in the future. However, if you are struggling with a problem  don’t be afraid to ask for help. During my time in Environmental volunteers one mistake I made is not sharing projects with my supervisor. This is important in order for your supervisor to give you feedback quicker and easier. One major breakthrough moment is when I figure out how to make my website look presentable on mobile and desktop. I solved these types of problems where I get stuck by researching the internet for answers, instructions, and tutorials.

My goals

My main goal I set for myself is to ultimately help the world to be a better place. What I mean by this is being aware of important issues such as climate change and doing what I can to help fix these important issues. I have already helped spread awareness about climate change through the teacher and parents website that provides activities that teaches students about reusable energy or how to reduce your impact on the environment by recycling. Through my work on educational graphics, social media posts, and providing resources for teachers and parents on my Canva website. I am contributing in Environmental Volunteers mission to promote the understanding of and responsibility for the environment through hands-on science education and for future generations to care for our Earth.


One highlight has been experience training. I enjoyed learning about kits and even having a chance to practice teaching a kit. I also love that I got to spend time with other interns and for me a great way of learning more about the people I work with.

Another highlight is getting to visit Santa Clara University ! I am very grateful that I got a chance to visit one of the colleges I am interested in. This helped me learn more about the campus experience in college.

Special thanks

I am truly thankful for these new and wonderful experiences with Environmental Volunteers. A special Thanks for Christine, Rick and Francine for supporting me through my year and creating this fun work environment! I think creating a website is something I would never know how to do. I want my co-workers and supervisors to think of me as someone who enjoyed the opportunity to work together as well as proud to support Environmental Volunteers.