“Let’s Go!” Field Trip Fund FAQs

How Does The “Let’s Go!” Field Trip Fund Grant Program Work?

The “Let’s Go!” Field Trip Fund Grant Program provides grant-based transportation subsidies to eligible schools or youth-serving organizations to help support their science, nature, or environmental-based field trips. Subsidies are provided after a field trip has been completed – we will reimburse applicants up to $500/bus (see additional details below). We do not directly provide or coordinate bus transportation. NOTE: The “Let’s Go!” Field Trip Fund only supports the cost of transportation; entrance and program fees are not eligible.

Go to the EV Impact Map to see some of the schools we’ve supported in the past.

Who can apply on behalf of my school or youth-serving organization?

School teachers, principals, office staff, parent volunteers, and organization staff/educators.

Who is eligible to apply?

All schools with an FRPM level of 70% or greater (60% or greater in Santa Clara County), or youth-serving organizations that serve these schools (see below), schools that show at least a 70% socioeconomically disadvantaged student population, or schools with at least 70% designated Unduplicated Pupil Count, within the 9 Bay Area counties are eligible to apply. Schools can verify their current FRPM level by one of two ways:

  • Use the most recent year of reported income data for your school: see the 2022-2023 CDE FRPM List.
  • Show at least a 70% socioeconomically disadvantaged student population on their most recent SARC (see SARC Summary).
  • Have at least 70% Unduplicated Pupil Count from the most recently available school year (see 2022-2023 UPC Table).

What is a “youth-serving organization”?

For the purposes of the “Let’s Go!” Field Trip Fund, a “youth-serving organization” is considered an out-of-school program or organization that serves youth or young adults (birth to 24 years). Youth-serving organizations must specifically serve a low-income community with 70% FRPM or greater (60% or greater in Santa Clara County).

How do I reserve a bus?

Check first with your school district to see if district buses are available. If your district does not have buses and you do not have access to buses from another district, please use the transportation service with the lowest cost. We recommend First Student or Michael’s Transportation, but there may be other good alternatives in different areas. NOTE: The Environmental Volunteers does not directly coordinate bus reservations; that’s the responsibility of the school or teachers.

How do I get reimbursed?

To receive reimbursement, please send a copy of the official bus invoice and completed Reimbursement Form to Bus@environmentalvolunteers.org. Invoices must be the actual invoice from the transportation provider (school district or private charter company). Please note that reimbursement checks to individuals are strongly discouraged, and can only be provided if reimbursement request is accompanied by a signed Admin letter on school letterhead. Reimbursement checks will be sent to the address designated on the submitted Reimbursement Form.

Have additional comments or feedback? Please contact Bus@environmentalvolunteers.org.