6th Grade Programs

Earthquake Geology*

In the Earthquake Geology program, students will explore how earthquake movement creates the land patterns they see in this area, map the San Andreas Fault, and design their own earthquake safe structures. NGSS Program.

Available options: In-person, Asynchronous (coming soon!)


Total time for each classroom: 90 minutes

Classroom kits: Engineering Safe Structures; Mapping the San Andreas; and Shaping the Land


Students will be guided through the Earthquake Geology field trip highlights on a virtual/pre-recorded tour of the Los Trancos trail. The ~20-minute video will stop at each of the unique locations on this trail that help to highlight how the earth moves during an earthquake and the visible signs that scientists use to verify that earthquakes have happened in the past.

*Standard Field Trip option:

Los Trancos Open Space Preserve
Los Trancos Site Guide
Los Trancos Map

NEW: NGSS Marine Ecology*

(In-Person Only) In the new Marine Ecology program, students will explore the interdependence of different organisms living in the Marine environment, how they adapt to the stresses in a tidepool environment, and will have the opportunity to create their own Marine Organisms.

Total time for each classroom: 90 minutes

Classroom Activities: Details coming soon

*Standard Field Trip option: Fitzgerald Marine Reserve (subject to availability)
Fitzgerald Site Guide
Fitzgerald Map