Important Information for your EV Programs

1. For your classroom presentation, prepare your class beforehand by:

    • Allowing an uninterrupted 90-minute time frame.
    • Providing floor space for an introduction and table space for displays or learning stations.
    • Making sure you can be present to participate during the presentation so that you can assume responsibility for discipline and model a receptive and interested attitude for the students.
    • Providing nametags for each student and having students pregrouped.

2. For your field trip, prepare your students by reviewing field trip rules, and by:

    • Assigning one adult chaperone per group of children. Siblings are not permitted on EV field trips.
    • Reminding both your students and chaperones to wear proper outdoor clothing (light-colored and layers) and closed-toed shoes, to wear appropriate sun protection, drink water and to eat a good breakfast.
    • Providing a name tag for each student and chaperone
    • Having students pre-grouped before they arrive
    • Making sure you’ve shared the EV-issued site map to your driver. Not all locations have street addresses. 
    • Providing your EV Team Coordinator with a day-of cell phone number where the Lead Teacher can be reached.

3. You can follow-up your service by:

    • Integrating the program with other aspects of your curriculum and science programs.
    • Preparing letters, stories and/or drawings for the EVs; these are valuable tools for combining art and English with your science study.