Kindergarten Investigation Program

The Kindergarten Investigation Program consists of 2 components: a 90-minute classroom program and a 90-minute Schoolyard Snoop. Both are required for participation.

During the 90-minute classroom program, students will explore the environment around them, learning skills related to observation, communication, and data collection, which support the science and engineering practices dimension of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Activities Available:

  • Senses
  • Finger Detectives
  • How Do You Know?: Backyard Soil

During the 90-minute Schoolyard Snoop program, students will practice their investigation skills just outside of the classroom. They will then report their findings to their classmates.

Total time for each class: 3 hours

Availability: February-June

The Investigation Virtual lesson series may be available – please contact us ( or 650-493-8000 ext 8) if interested in that option.