3rd Grade Adaptations Program

The 3rd Grade Adaptations Program consists of a 90-minute classroom program. Teachers can choose from one of two habitats to focus on: Baylands or Foothills. Please note that Marine Adaptations is no longer available as a classroom program as of 2024/2025.

During this classroom program students will learn about how animals and plants have adapted to live in specific habitats, such as the brackish waters of the Baylands or the grasslands of the California Foothills. Teachers will choose the specific habitat they are interested in. NGSS Program.

Activities Available:

  • Bird Adaptations
  • Bird Utensils
  • Mammal Skulls
  • Salt Marsh Plants (Baylands)
  • Tree Adaptations (Foothills);

Total time for each classroom: 90-minutes


September-December (Baylands)

February-June (Foothills)

Virtual Baylands Adaptations lesson series may be available – please contact us (schoolprograms@environmentalvolunteers.org or 650-493-8000 ext 8) if interested in that option.

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