3rd Grade Field Trip Options

There are several off-site field trip options available for 3rd grade classes. Some require bus transportation, but at least one option is ‘walkable’ from your school

Nature In Your Neighborhood

This field trip consists of an exploration of a local park or green space that is walking distance from the school (no bus required!). During this field trip program, students will walk from the school to a local park or natural area, exploring the nature that they find all around them along the way. Each group will be guided by an experienced field trip leader, introduced to fun nature-based activities, and will discover opportunities to exercise their wonder and curiosity.

Total time for each class: 90-minutes

Availability: Year Round (weather permitting)

Adaptations Field Trips

Our 3rd Grade Adaptations Field Trips take place at one of 5 local Bay Area Open Space Preserves, depending on the particular habitat teachers are most interested in having their classes explore. Trained EV docents guide students in small groups to explore the plant communities of the area, and examine what makes this ecosystem different from others. They’ll also examine evidence of the animals that live there, and how they’ve evolved to survive in this unique ecosystem. These off-site field trips are designed to support the Adaptations classroom programs, but can also be booked as a stand-alone experience.

Schools can select from one of the following locations:

Total time for each field trip: 2-hours

NOTE: Marine Adaptations Field Trips will continue to be available in 2024/2025.