Educational Resources for Equity and Inclusion

Educational Resources for Equity and Inclusion

The following resources may help you build your understanding about being more equitable and inclusive.

Why jokes can be harmful:

Indigenous Land Acknowledgement resources:

  • Here’s an article about why we should ALL do Native Land Acknowledgments
  • Here’s a link to an interactive map that will help you learn about the lands you are occupying.
  • Consider contributing Sogorea Te’ Shuumi Land Tax as part of your commitment to ending the erasure of Indigenous Identity

Gender Pronouns: 

Unconscious Bias

Systemic Racism

Power and Privilege

*Remember when you buy a book, consider buying from black owned stores, like Marcus Bookstore, in Oakland.

A special thanks to Youth Outside for training EV staff and board on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategies and sharing much of the resources provided above.

Posted 7/30/2020