Books For Students

Books are an exciting way to learn about and get interested in nature and the world around us.

All of us at Environmental Volunteers are excited to partner with Access Books Bay Area to give each child in an economically disadvantaged community, a small bundle of books for them to take home and keep.

Children get interested in the world through books

This was the experience of Fernando who joined us with his classmates on a rainy blustery day at Windy Hill Open Space Preserve. Fernando looked out over the scenery and exclaimed, “Is this the forest?!”

Like many of his classmates, Fernando was captivated by his first visit to a forest that he had only read about in books. He and his classmates were thrilled to engage in this new experience with the EVs. Fernando’s field trip with the EV’s became a memorable experience of a place he had read about in books and a place that was filled with plants and animals he wanted to learn more about.

With libraries closed many kids will not have books to read

At Environmental Volunteers we are committed to providing opportunities for students to have meaningful learning experiences. Even though we are not able to go into the classroom or to take kids on field trips, we can connect kids who need it most to learning about science with books.

Please help us put books in the hands of deserving students so they can learn about nature through the pages of a book. A gift of books will bring readers some measure of joy and comfort.