Resources for Parents and Teachers

Photo by Christine Zack

The Environmental Volunteers love to bring fun, hands-on activities into school classrooms and lead kids on field trips in nature.

Activities for Home

Are you looking for some NGSS activities to do with your children? These activities were designed to be done with groups of 8 students, so if you do them with 1-2 children you will only need 1 of each item.

Many of these activities only require a printer and scissors. While others call for basic household or craft supplies. Often items can be substituted or dropped as needed outside the classroom setting. For example, you may not have artifacts or taxidermy at home, yet many activities can be done with only images and achieve the same discussion and learning objectives.

Asynchronous Programs – At Home Activities (K-5)

Activities for Nature Walks

Looking for activities to help your kids discover the wonder of nature? Need some tips for how to be a great field instructor (spoiler alert – it’s easy. You can do it too!)? Or maybe just looking for a little background about some of the things you are finding? Check out these helpful guides.

Sprout Up Explores

Please check out our newest program, Sprout Up Explores! Sprout Up engages college and university student volunteers from around the country to teach nature, science, and sustainability education. Usually, our Sprout Up volunteers go into the classroom like the EVs. Excitingly, Sprout Up has developed a video series covering a host of fun topics, all with energetic and enthusiastic college students.