Nature Notes

Welcome to Nature Notes. Here you will find stories and updates from Environmental Volunteers programs and see natural science education in action. Stay tuned as we add more content!

Wake Up to Nature Keynote

Sapphira Butler with Dr. Jorge Ramos at Wake Up to Nature in Campbell Hi, My name is Sapphira and I’m a teacher from Australia. I moved to the Bay Area at... Read More

Squid Empire Book Review

California Market squid – NOAA One of the many popular EV kits used for school services is “Squid Dissection.” For those of you who shy away from presenting this kit... Read More

Resources for Parents and Teachers

Photo by Christine Zack The Environmental Volunteers love to bring fun, hands-on activities into school classrooms and lead kids on field trips in nature. Activities for Home Are you... Read More

6th Grade Science Day

February 26th and 27th dawned unexpectedly warm and sunny, which turned out to be just perfect for the large groups of 6th-grade students that arrived at our EcoCenter. As part... Read More

Volunteering and So Much More

Photo by Molly Landrith One of the joys of being the Volunteer Coordinator at the EV is that I get the privilege of watching volunteers not only learn how to... Read More

The Awesomeness of Biodiversity

Photo by Christine Zack Over the last several years, the Environmental Volunteers Education Committee has taken on the somewhat daunting task of updating all of our curriculum to better support... Read More

King Tides in the Baylands

Extra High Tides Winter 2019-2020 All tides over 9.0’ Can you imagine being warned that if you need to get out of the building, you need to go soon,... Read More

Interactive Signage project at the Palo Alto Baylands:

Enhancing visitors’ experience and bringing local communities together through new interactive, multi-sensorial, and bilingual educational signs. Palo Alto, CA:  Environmental Volunteers, the City of Palo Alto, and the Friends of the... Read More