Educational Resources for Equity and Inclusion

The following resources may help you build your understanding about being more equitable and inclusive.

Why jokes can be harmful:

Indigenous Land Acknowledgement resources:

  • Here’s an article about why we should ALL do Native Land Acknowledgments
  • Here’s a link to an interactive map that will help you learn about the lands you are occupying. 
  • Consider contributing Sogorea Te’ Shuumi Land Tax as part of your commitment to ending the erasure of Indigenous Identity

Gender Pronouns: 

Unconscious Bias

Systemic Racism

Power and Privilege

*Remember when you buy a book, consider buying from black owned stores, like Marcus Bookstore, in Oakland. 

A special thanks to Youth Outside for training EV staff and board on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategies and sharing much of the resources provided above.