Board of Directors Profile

Friedrichs Joyce

Development Chair
Joyce has devoted her career to educating children in traditional and non-traditional settings. She has been a teacher, the Education Director, and CEO of a non-profit education foundation and has worked in educational publishing, developing science curriculum, and training teachers. Joyce also created art, science, and outdoors curriculum for Galileo Learning for nine years. One of her passions is facilitating children’s engagement in hands-on learning activities. Joyce has a B.S. in Education from the University of Colorado. Joyce has been active with the Environmental Volunteers since 1982. She began as a classroom volunteer. Soon she joined the board (which had a different structure from today’s board) as the Co-North County Area Director. (Area Directors were responsible for filling services.) In the 2000s, Joyce joined the EV Board of Directors. She was on the board for 12 years, three of which as chair. Joyce rejoined the board in 2015 as co-chair.